Radio Amateurs of the Gorge
Constitution and By-laws
Revised June 9, 2018
Approved by vote at the RAGs meeting June 9, 2018

Article One - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Radio Amateurs of the Gorge.

Article Two - Purpose

The Radio Amateurs of the Gorge, a radio club, is organized exclusively for the following purposes:

Section A – Training

1. To provide radio theory training to the public in all phases of amateur radio.

2. To provide training and instruction to members for improvement of skills relating to amateur radio.

Section B - Emergency Communications and Public Service

1. To provide communication in times of disaster, emergencies, charitable, public or other community activities.

Section C – Hobby

1. To provide a meeting place to socialize and to promote the exchange of ideas to further enhance the hobby of amateur radio.

Article Three - Membership

The membership shall be open to any person interested in the purposes of the club.

Section A - Classes of Membership

1. Active Member - A member in good standing having a valid Amateur Radio License and having privileges of voting and holding office.

2. Honorary Member - A title bestowed upon an individual who has rendered outstanding contributions to the club. Honorary Members shall be elected by a two-thirds majority of the Active Members present at a regularly scheduled meeting. Nominations shall be read one month prior to the vote. The Honorary Member shall not pay dues or have voting privileges.

3. Associate Member (non-licensed) - A member in good standing having a bona-fide interest in Amateur Radio, without the privileges of voting or holding office.

Section B – Dues

1. The dues of all members shall be established by the Executive Board, with approval of a quorum of Active Members present at a regular club meeting. If changes are to be made, the vote must take place at least one month prior to the beginning of the calendar year for which the new rate would take effect. In such a case, those members who have already paid before the new fee was established will pay according to the old rate.

2. Annual dues for additional licensed Radio Amateurs of a family living at a single location shall be established at a rate of 20% of that of the Active Member.

3. Annual dues for licensed Radio Amateurs who are students in grades one through twelve, and who are not otherwise eligible for consideration as family members, shall be established at a rate of 50% of that of the Active Member.

4. Associate Members' dues shall be the same as Active Members'.

5. Annual dues are assessed on a calendar year basis and are payable by the first club meeting in January. Any member whose annual dues have not been paid by the first club meeting in March will be dropped from the membership.

6. New members who join during the year shall have their dues prorated on the time remaining in the year.

7. Any member who has been dropped from the membership because of non-payment of dues shall not be reinstated until he or she has paid the current year's dues in full.

8. No refund of dues shall be made upon termination of membership.

Article Four - Officers

Section A - Officers of the Club

1. The elective officers of this organization shall consist of a President, Vice President, and a Secretary-Treasurer.

2. The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and two Active Members, one of whom shall traditionally be the immediate Past President, if he or she accepts the position.

Section B - Duties and Responsibilities

1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the club; enforce due observance of this Constitution and By-laws; decide all questions of order; sign all official documents that are adopted by the club; and perform all other customary duties pertaining to the Office of President. The President will also serve as an ex-officio member of all standing and special committees, except for the nominating and audit committees. The President shall appoint a nominating committee for the purpose of nominating at least one Active Member, who has agreed to serve, for each office.

2. The Vice President shall actively assist the President in the carrying out of the duties of that office and shall, in the absence of the President, assume the duties of the President. The Vice President will also coordinate presentations to be given at meetings as well as all other club presentations.

3. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a record of meetings, carry on correspondence, and keep a current copy of the Constitution and By-laws and a roster of Active, Honorary and Associate Members as well as delinquent members. The Secretary-Treasurer will also receive and receipt for all monies to the club, keep an accurate account of all monies received and expended, and keep an updated inventory of club property. No bills shall be paid without proper authorization by the club or its Executive Board. (A two-thirds majority of Active Members present at a regular club meeting at which a quorum is established OR a two-thirds majority of Executive Board members shall constitute proper authorization.) All monies received by the club will be deposited in a financial institution selected by the Executive Board. At meetings, in the absence of both the President and Vice President, the Secretary-Treasurer shall assume the duties of those officers.

4. The Executive Board's main purpose is to assist the President in the Administration of the club. The incoming Executive Board shall develop a proposed annual budget which shall be presented to the membership at the December club meeting. An annual budget shall be adopted by a majority vote of the Active Members present at the regular January club meeting, or as soon thereafter as is practical. All expenditures not authorized in the annual budget, or those items exceeding their budgeted amounts, must be approved by a majority vote of the Active Members present at a scheduled meeting prior to payment. In no case shall the Executive Board, Officers, or Club expend more than the club has in its account.

Section C - Term of Office

1. The President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Board, and the immediate Past President shall hold office for two years, unless disqualified.

2. No one member may hold more than one office at a time. The President and Vice-President may not hold the same office for consecutive terms.

3. Any Active Member is eligible to become an officer.

4. Elections of Officers shall be held at the November club meeting each election year, and those elected shall take office the following January.

Section D - Vacancy of an Office

1. Any vacancies created by death, resignation, loss of amateur license, or removal from office shall be filled by the Executive Board.

2. The Executive Board shall then appoint an Active Member who will fill the vacated office immediately and serve the remainder of the term.

Section E - Removal from Office

1. A recall of any officer or member of the Executive Board may be initiated by written petition, signed by a quorum of Active Membership, and presented to any member of the Executive Board.

2. After a review of the petition by the Executive Board, the accused officer shall be notified of the petition and reading of the petition shall be added to the agenda of the next regularly scheduled meeting.

3. At the first regularly scheduled meeting following the review of the petition, reading of the petition will occur. Following the reading, the members shall state their reasons for the petition and time will be given for the accused officer to answer the charges. A recall vote will then be added to the next club meeting agenda.

4. At the second regularly scheduled meeting following the review of the petition a vote will be taken to determine if the accused officer shall be removed from office. To be effective, the ballot must be at least 65% in favor of the recall.

Article Five - Meetings

Section A - Regular Meetings

1. Regular meetings shall be held monthly.

2. A quorum must be present for business to be transacted, and shall consist of 25% of the Active Membership.

Section B - Special Meetings

1. Special meetings may be called by the Executive Board by their own motion or at the written request of any five Active Members, presented to the President.

2. Special meetings may be closed to the public.

3. Special meetings may transact only such business as was specified in the notice of the meeting. Notices shall be sent by ordinary mail so as to arrive not less than twenty-four hours prior to the special meeting. Telephone, mail, radio, packet, or the Internet may be substituted for mailings.

4. Special meetings may not supersede regular meetings except when specifically designated by the Executive Board.

Section C - Board Meetings

1. Board meetings shall be held at such times as the President or Active Membership may designate.

2. These meetings shall be open to all members.

Section D – Procedure

1. In all matters not governed by this club's constitution and by-laws, the procedure of all club meetings shall be governed by "Robert's Rules of Order."

Section E - Order of Business

1. Call to order.

2. Roll call of Officers and establishment of quorum.

3. Reading and acceptance of minutes from the previous meeting.

4. Treasurer's report.

5. Health and Welfare.

6. Committee reports.

7. Old business.

8. New business.

9. Good of the Order.

10. Adjournment.

11. Program (if any) after the business session.

Article Six - Committees

Section A - President & Committees

1. The Active Members can create and dissolve Committees to further the purposes of the club, by proposing the formation or dissolution of such Committee (s) at a regularly scheduled meeting. The two-thirds majority vote by the Active Members who are present at the next regularly scheduled meeting at which a quorum has been established will create or dissolve the Committee (s). The President shall appoint committee chairpersons.

2. The Committee Chairpersons shall report to the club on actions of the committee at the request of the President or Active Membership, and provide written information to the Secretary to be made available on the club web site.

Section B - Standing Committees

1. The Nominating Committee, which shall consist of three Active Members, is established for the purpose of nominating at least one Active Member, who has agreed to serve, for each office. The slate of officers shall be presented first at the September club meeting, and again at the October club meeting. Additional nominations shall be accepted from Active Members at each meeting.

2. The Public Service Committee is established for the purpose of providing communications assistance to the organizers of public events, and developing special events.

3. The Field Day Committee is established to plan all aspects of the club's involvement in Field Day activities.

4. The Audit Committee shall audit the club books annually prior to the installation of the new Secretary-Treasurer.


5. The Emergency Communications (EmComm) Committee is established for the purpose of organizing, training, and coordinating local amateur radio operators in providing communications support for public safety organizations and the community at large in times of disaster and emergency situations.

Article Seven - Meeting Minutes and Newsletter

1. Minutes will be published after each monthly meeting by the Secretary-Treasurer and sent to all Active Members, for the purpose of informing members who weren't present at the meeting, and to allow for those who were present to verify the minutes contents, and to propose corrective changes.

2. Only Active Members in good standing will receive the minutes. Any member who has been dropped from the membership because of non-payment of dues will have his or her minutes subscription reinstated after he or she has paid the current year's dues in full.

3. A newsletter will be published under the auspices of the Vice President, and made available without restriction worldwide on the club's web site, in the form of a downloadable PDF file. Any member who wants a paper copy of the newsletter can obtain one by requesting it from the Vice President.

4. The newsletter will contain coverage of events where the club has provided communications, and have articles showcasing amateur radio-related techniques, skills and technologies; profiles of members and their areas of specialty and interests; and other information of interest to club members.

5. Complimentary copies of the minutes may be requested by and sent to the area's sheriff's offices, Chambers of Commerce, American Red Cross offices, the ARRL Northwest Division Leader, or any other person, office or organization appropriate at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Article Eight - Non-Profit

1. This club shall be a not-for-profit organization. No part of the net earnings of this club shall ever inure to the benefit of any donor, member, or officer of the club, nor shall any private individual be entitled to share in the distribution of any of the club assets.

2. In the event of dissolution of this club, any assets of the club must be distributed to the ARRL, other amateur radio club(s), or other organizations that are organized for educational purposes.

3. The club shall establish a checking and/or savings account for the organization. In order for monetary transactions to be valid, two officers' signatures are required on the authorized signature card located at the bank.

Article Nine - Amendment of the Constitution & By-laws, Policies and Procedures

1. It shall be lawful to make, alter or amend any rule or regulation of this Constitution and Bylaws, or to change club policies or procedures.

2. All requests for such changes or alterations can be presented to the Executive Board by any active member.

3. After consideration by the Executive Board, amendments to the Constitution and By-laws, or changes to club policies and procedures may be described at a regularly scheduled club meeting, and be disseminated to club members in the minutes of that meeting. Then at a subsequent regularly scheduled meeting (at which a quorum has been established), the proposed changes can be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of the Active Members present.

4. The Constitution and By-laws shall be reviewed biannually by the Executive Board.

Article Ten - Member Privacy

1. On the club web site, and in newsletters and minutes, members and guests will be referred to only by their first names (and call signs, if applicable).

2. E-mail addresses such as "info@W7RAG.com" will be listed as the mechanisms by which anybody can be contacted, thus avoiding the publication of personal contact info. This will help protect the privacy of individuals who, if their full names were to be published, could more likely be subjected to harassment, phishing scams, etc., due to web searches, computer malware, etc.