Technician Ham Licensing Review Class and Test Report

RAGS sponsored a Technician Ham Licensing Class and Test Friday 12/18/2015 and Saturday 12/19/15 at Hood River Fire Department.

There were 16 students who signed up for the class, and 12 who attended the class. 12 students took the Technician Test of which 10 passed, an 83% passing rate.  Two additional individuals took the Technician test and passed.

Three people took an upgrade test from Tech to General but did not pass.  One person (KE7SMC) took an upgrade test from General to Extra and passed.

Craig  – K7VEW was Class Coordinator and an instructor.
Brent  – KE7SMC was Class Registrar
Kevin KE7IN, Terry KB7DRX, and Stewart KE7LKW were also instructors.
Steve AE7SG, Hugh KF7LN, and Robert W7IH were Volunteer Examiners
Special thanks to Ron – N7HKK, for administering the test.

Also attending and helping out:
Rich – N7TCO, Brent KE7SMC