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Mini-Field Day

Mt Adams Horse Camp

October 16, 17, 18 2015

The second Mini-Field Day was held at Mt Adams Horse Camp about 4 miles north of Trout Lake, WA on October 16-18, 2015.

Attending were:

Allen – KE7SNH

Rich – N7TCO

Bill – NA2Y

Greg – KF7WQP

Terry – KB7DRX

Jon – KB7POO

Bob – KG7HCL

Stewart – KE7LKW

Set up began Friday morning with Allen, Rich, Greg, Bill, Bob and Stewart setup and ready to operate by Friday afternoon. Terry, and Jon did day trips on Saturday.

The following are pictures of Radio Shacks, Rigs and Antennas:

Allen - KG7SNH had the glamping shack – NICE!

Allen had a large multi-band fan dipole and was working SSB and JT65. He got QSOs from many South American countries.

Rich – N7TCO had a great tent set-up:

Nice and cozy with 110v and heat! Rich had up a OCF Dipole and a vertical VHF antenna. Rich also had his beam, but did not deploy it this time. Rich was working SSB and some VHF.

Greg – KF7WQP and Bill – NA2Y shared another great tent shack:

Greg’s station

Bill’s station:

Greg used a fan dipole and a vertical. Bill used an Ecomm 2 wire antenna.  Bill had great Rx late Friday night hearing stations from EU, Africa, SA, Asia and Indonesia on 40m SSB.

Terry – KB7DRX had his communications van:

Terry had a fan dipole and a vertical antenna.

Bob – KG7HCL:

Bob had a vertical Eagle One antenna and was working QRP – CW with an Elecraft K1.

Stewart – KE7LKW:

Stewart had an 80m horizontal loop and an 88ft doublet working QRP CW and a little QRP SSB with an Elecraft KX3. Stewart had some good rag-chew QRP QSOs, one to HI., and one on 10m!

With all these antennas up, where was the room? The horse camp must be at least 15-20 acres. We only used a small portion. Here are some overall pics:

Bob on north end.

Allen and Terry are off the picture to the left.

Stewart is in foreground right. Greg and Bill middle. Rich far left.

We had some great socializing and food. For Friday evening meal Greg cooked pork chops and stuffing topped with peaches, and Stewart did Lasagna, both in Dutch Ovens over charcoal.  For Saturday breakfast Greg cooked an egg scramble.

Let’s Eat!

The October night were a bit chilly in the Washington mountains but everyone had a great time.  Next Mini- Field day is tentatively scheduled for March. Hopefully after the snow is gone Hi Hi.

Submitted by Stewart – KE7LKW 10/18/15

Mt Adams Horse Camp

August 7, 8, 9 2015

The First Mini-Field Day was held at Mt Adams Horse Camp about 4 miles north of Trout Lake, WA on August 7-9 2015.

Attending were:

Allen – KE7SNH

Rich – N7TCO

Greg – KF7WQP

Bob – KG7HCL

Stewart – KE7LKW

Craig - K7JUV

Don - WA7KME


No write up was done but Don WA7KME provided great photos.









Last but not least 8/2015 Mini Field Day Entertainment Director