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Mini -FD report March 25-26, 2016


Attending overnight were:
Greg - KF7WQP and Stewart - KE7LKW


Attending Saturday daytime were:

Don - WA7KME and Bob - KG7HCL.

W7RAG held another Mini-FD event 3/25-26/2016.  RAGS mini-field Days are sponsored to allow folks the opportunity to get out,  set up radio stations and antennas off grid,  and to in general have a good time playing with their hobby.

The location for the March event was on top of Middle Mountain in Hood River County, elevation 2250ft.  The county forester, Doug Thiesies,  gave W7RAG early access to the area which is normally locked until after the 1st of April.

The WX for the week end was showers from 10-11 am Friday and then clearing for Friday afternoon and Saturday. For once they got it right.  Stewart KE7LKW arrived at the entrance gate at 0900 and operated CW from his truck and a hamstick antenna until Greg KF7WQP arrived at 1000.  Greg when up to the camp area and scouted some set up locations while Stewart stayed at the gate until 1100 incase additional participants might arrive.  After a brief shower or two the skies cleared.  There was moderate west wind and a high temp of 46F,  a little chilly even with the sun out. On Saturday morning it was a balmy 32F.

Station set ups

Greg set up a VFH/UHF 8’ vertical and for HF Chameleon EMCOMM II 60' NVIS antenna in a sloper configuration. He used his newly constructed 20lb go-box for the outing.  Primary radio in the box is the FT857 Yaesu.

Greg made Winlink Packet tests on 2m to PHRMH which passed with flying colors.  A connect was made with Outpost to pick up NTS traffic. All VHF RMS Express and Outpost test were successful.  RMS Winmor tests were also made to Utah, Washington, Nevada, and Canada.


And then for the fun part.  On HF 20m and 40m where popping for PSK31. Best contacts were Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile.  There new countries for Greg - he has a South America/Mexico challenged QTH.  Seven additional contacts were made from the east coast to the west coast.  That sloper is a beautiful little portable antenna.

Look suns out and I forgot my Bermuda shorts

Best part of morning - the woods -- hot coffee -- chasing DX