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W7RAG 2015

Public Service Event Operator Training

Public Service Event Operator Training was held in April 18th and May 2, 2015 by Radio Amateurs of the Gorge. Classroom and Field exercise training sessions were held to develop skills useful for participation in Public Service Events which the club supports: horse rides, bike rides, and cross channel swim.

The Classroom session held at the Hood River Fire Hall was four hours focused on the following: VHF/UHV field equipment, non-radio gear, safety, documentation, relationships and radio communication. There was also a short tabletop exercise focused on radio communications and documentation. About ten trainees attended the classroom session.


Hood River County, with the assistance of the County Emergency Manager, provided the shelter and a good portion of Toll Bridge Park for the field training event.

The Field Exercise and Mini Field Day was held at Toll Bridge Park. Trainees were asked to deploy field VHF/UHF stations as if this was a real event. The training net was established and a training scenario was executed. Nine trainees, and several more experienced operators, each having been assigned a training station and tactical call were asked to communicate typical event messages, and document all communications. After the training a “Hot Wash” was done to get comments for future training efforts. Participants then toured all the different field station set-ups. There were quite a few interesting antenna and radio set-ups

Stewart (KE7LKW) and Terry (KB7DRX) conduct the "Hot Wash" following the training field exercise.

The exercise wrap up generated a number of question and resulted in some good discussion.

KB7DRX makes a point during the "Hot Wash"

After the Field Exercise the group changed gears to focus on equipment and skills oriented toward field HF set-up and operation. This was to provide an opportunity to get familiar with field HF station set-up and operations and fire up for ARRL Field Day. (Five) HF stations were set up with antennas…………………………


A bed mounted mast with a 2m/70cm antenna mounted.

Terry (KB7DRX) discusses his mobile communications van and his newest work in progress, a portable tower.

Stewart (KE7LKW) walks around his camp\radio truck.  Note the drive on mast support with 17' colinear.



Leo(KF7MYR) and Rich (N7TCO) setup Leo's HF station. An IC-718 to a AH-4 antenna tuner attached to a sloping long wire.

Stewart's (KE7LKW) CW operating position.  He used K2 to a 87' long wire set up to work the 7QP contest.

Greg (KF7WQP) operated is Ecomm GoBox to communicate PSK31 and RTTY during the 7QP contest which fell on the same day as the field training.


Two station not shown are Don's (WA7KME) Photog par excellence.  Who was obviously to busy snapping to shot his Icom based GoBox.  To bad it is a nice configuration.  And Terry's (KB7DRX). Terry had a crowd around his van for a good part of the afternoon.  Both stations were set up for SSB and both participated in the 7QP contest.


 It wasn't all training and radio activity.  Dogs were provided by WA7KME and a large POT-O-BEANS came from KF7WQP.   If you went away hungry it was your own fault.


Bob (KG7HCL) Radio Amateurs of the Gorge President

Craig (K7JUV)Radio Amateurs of the Gorge Secretary

Greg (KF7WQP) Just likes beans because  "I am waisting away" 


It was a very successful outing with nine amateurs gaining insight into what is required to participate with W7RAG to provide communications for public service events.  It was also gave some insight into what would be required for amateur radio operators to participate in communications during an emergency situation.  The W7RAG Club and the Hood River County ARES group felt that the Class room training in conjunction with a quick follow on field exercise was a success.  The nine participants also felt that the training was very good and have subsequently signed up for two public service events in mid and late May.