Field Day 2019 is June 24-25 beginning at 1100 local time Saturday and running through 1100 local time Sunday. The primary objective of Field Day is to work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands) and to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. All radio amateurs are invited to participate with W7RAG on Field day.

Rich N7TCO is coordinating Field Day for W7RAG this year. He can be contacted by email with questions, suggestion or to commit to operate on field day. Contact Rich at rwarren@gorge.net.

Field Day will be run differently this year rather than a station under one call operators are encouraged to come out; set up your station in the field and operate with your call. There will also be plenty of opportunity to come out and operator one of the stations that will be set up; relieve an operator so continuous operation can happen.

Stations that will be set up are a SSB phone station, a digital modes, and a CW station. There will be plenty of room for all to come in and operate.

The annual W7RAG pot luck dinner is held at the end of the first day of setup. We will be in he field this year so burgers and dogs will be supplied. Rich has asked that those attending bring a side dish like salad, beans or a desert.  Bring drinks and WATER too.

LOCATION: Mt Adams Horse Camp 4.4 miles northeast of Troutlake, WA.  There are field restroom facilities but no other accommodations so bring water to last for at least a day. There are camp sites but the Field Day setup will be on the knoll to the north of that area.  If you look at the horse camp from Google Earth we will set up close to the middle of the area.


Directions to Mount Adams Horse Camp

take highway 141 to Troutlake school
continue on highway 141  .7 miles
at the Y bear right onto Mt. Adams Rd.
go 1.3 miles and bear right at the Y staying on Mt Adams Rd. (if your on Randdle Rd. You didn't bear right)
continue .6 miles then turn left on Morrison Rd/NF-80
Stay on NF-80 for aproximately 2 miles then turn left onto NF-031 (there will be a sign)
go about .5 miles to the hourse camp on the left

There are two entries to the camp. If you take the first we will be to the left of the camp sites. From the second entry we will be to the right. The area is very open and we won't be hard to find.

Initial Time line

Friday June 23 ---  set up

  • begin site set up at Mount Adams Horse Camp 11:00am - 6:00pm

    • test all power and grounding configurations

    • set 1 to 3 high antennas (wire) with the assistance of the Hood River Fire Dept. Tower truck

    • set and raise the trailer tower and 3 element triband beam

  • 6:00pm-8:pm will be the annual W7RAG pot luck dinner on the field day site

  • 8:pm till when ever  rag chewin' and on the air play time.

Saturday June 24 ---  set up and start your engines

  • 6:30am to 11:00am complete any set up tasks that were not completed on the 24

    • do all the thinks that weren't thought about before that need doing

    • insure all power is up and running properly

    • test all radios and equipment

    • insure logging systems are running properly

  • 11:00am Field Day 2017 is now open


Sunday June 25 ---  site tear down and clean up

  • 11:00am 2017 ARRL Field Day ends

  • 11:00 am to 2:00pm  Site tear down and clean up

    • take down wire and portable vertical antennas

    • take down and stow the beam and tower.

    • pack and stow batteries and generators

    • insure that the site locations are picked up and clean

Looking forward to seeing you all at this years Field Day

Rich N7TCO